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Actual Renovations Unlimited LLC


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Basement Renovation

Is your basement as nice as you would like it to be? If your answer is “no,” you’re not alone. Many houses have basements that are underutilized for various reasons. Beyond obvious problems like water leaking into the basement, there are often other issues, like mold that you can see or smell, old carpeting that’s dirty and unattractive, and wallboard that’s been damaged by moisture or mildew.

The good news is that today you don’t need to settle for a drab, dingy basement. Actual Renovations Unlimited, LLC has the know-how and products to refinish any basement that’s not as nice as you would like it to be. Your path to a better basement can begin right here. The work you do depends on a number of factors.

Basement refinishing priorities

Whether you’d describe your basement improvement project as basement restoration, basement remodeling or basement refinishing, the goal is the same: to transform an “adequate” basement into an exceptional one. Here are the priorities that apply in most basement refinishing projects:

The infiltration of water into a basement is generally caused by ruptures in the foundation at the junction of the wall, floor and footing. If you live in damp climates or ones with severe weather, as we have in Ocean County, NJ your home could be especially susceptible to these foundation ruptures. The ruptures are usually a result of hydrostatic pressure resulting from a high water table.

Ocean and Monmouth County weather is often severe, and it can take quite a toll on your home, especially by causing leaks and cracks in your foundation. The weakest part of your foundation is where the wall and floor meet. The walls are installed over what is known as the footer before the floor is poured, causing cold seams where the concrete has voids. The floor also shrinks when it cures, causing gaps between these separate parts. The force of ground water is strong enough that it can seep in through these spaces, oftentimes resulting in serious flooding.

When water seeps down into the ground, either through the soil or out a downspout, the first part of your home that it comes in contact with is your foundation walls. Existing waterproofing membranes break down over time, making your home susceptible to seepage. Concrete is a very porous material and is capable of absorbing large amounts of water. When put in contact with water for an extended period of time, it will lose its structural strength.

Whether they are on the wall or the floor, basement cracks pose a serious structural threat to your home. Cracks, even those from the normal settling of the foundation, indicate that water is flowing under your foundation and eroding the soil around your home.

We service Toms River, Point Pleasant, Brick, Manchester, Bayville, Barnegat, Manahawkin, Berkeley and Lacey Township New Jersey and surrounding areas. Call us today (732) 300-9367